Preventive Maintenance

Elevators are essential for any high rise buildings. Proper functioning of elevators assures smooth flow of people & goods. Thus the upkeep of these valuable assets plays a bigger role.

INFRA trained technicians are available across all its branches and service centres in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, assuring your equipment’s are running trouble free.

Preventive maintenance of elevator equipment leads to fewer callbacks and lower maintenance costs over time. Elevator combines several complex, interconnected systems involving many moving parts and mechanisms. These powerful, delicate, durable & precise machines require special care to assure reliable & smooth performance along with optimizatione the lifespan of the equipment.

INFRA offers various customizable Preventive maintenance package for its customers to choose from , with 24x7 customer care access.

Other Maker Support

Keeping your Vertical Transport working to its peak requires regular maintenance and scheduled repairs. Our flexible service module extends your equipment’s lifetime ensuring industry standards are met. Irrespective of the brand we can help. With 150 well- trained technicians in all 14 district of Kerala, with access to latest technology, expertise, spare parts and commitment we are poised to meet our customer expectations. Our skilled service technicians with years of experience, access to the in-house R&D, acquired knowledge on other make, enables us to deliver services to all brands owned by our customers inline to industry standard.

Service 24 x 7
With a network of branches & satellite centers, we are available 24 hours to attend emergency calls & breakdowns, we are committed to delivering a quick response. We would be one-stop service contact for all your vertical transport system, irrespective of brand, model & age. Collaborate with us & avail:

• Industries latest service & solution
• Efficient, Safe & extended availability of equipment.
• The Professional approach throughout the Life Cycle.
• Service Contract to suit the budget.
• Quick response to Queries.
• We are committed to delivering Safe & Reliable solution & service.


Elevator Modernization is like going to the GYM. It retains Elevators Fit.We INFRA Elevators has the biggest manufacturing facility in Kerala. Our branches in all districts make it convenient for our customers to reach us at the earliest, 24x7/ 365 days a year. With access to manufacturing within Kerala & network of offices throughout the state, “we are committed in Life Cycle management of your Elevator Fitter”.
Reasons to Modernize Your Elevator
As in the case of any constantly used equipment, regular upkeep over a long period can’t retain the reliability, efficiency & performance, as components reach its end of life cycle.
If you are facing any of the below issues it is time to think of updating equipment.
• Frequent Shutdown
• Unreliable Operation
• Faded Interiors
• Huge Electricity Bills

What to Modernize?
As your elevator ages, many components require upgrades due to obsolete parts or technological upgrade. Modernizing elevator improves the safety and reliability of equipment and increases the value of the building.
Controller : Closed-loop controllers assure accurate floor levelling, Energy efficiency, Quicker response, customized function, improved ride quality.
Door Equipment : Improves safety, Reduce noise, Efficient door speeds
Car : Improve passenger comfort, LED lighting boost energy efficiency, Stylish looks.
Signalization : Energy efficient, Aesthetically appealing, a verity of options with customized functions.
Hoisting Machine: Improves efficiency/ride quality. Improves braking system for added safety.
The following Factors are considered while recommending
Safety / Reliability, Compliance to regulation, Age & Condition, OEM, availability of Spare Parts.

24 x 7 SUPPORT

We know it’s our responsibility to serve you.
We register, call back and give quick response to solve your issue.


INFRA believes vertical mobility shouldn’t be deprived due to non-design /non-provision for the same in any building. We are committed to providing vertical mobility in existing buildings our team is well equipped to guide the stakeholders from design to execution. Major challenges in the existing building are :

• Accommodating Elevator in available space.
• Non Availability of required Pit & Overhead.
• Non-availability of Electric load
• Associated Civil Works.
• Logistic Constraints.

With the support of an in-house manufacturing facility & service centre in all major towns, INFRA can tackle all the above concerns and delivery reliable vertical transport products.

• Home Elevator
• Platform Lifts
• Dumbwaiter
• Passenger Elevator
• Service Elevator